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User Interview User Interview


You're a product designer at a startup creating a new note-taking app (competitors are Notion and Evernote).

You're in the beginning stages of designing the app. You want to get to know your future users and their current workflows better so you can create a better experience for them. You need to understand things like: What do they use digital notes for? What is their current note-taking process like? Where are the pain points in that process? How do they feel about their current note-taking options?


Make a plan for, and carry out, three real user interviews on the subject of digital note-taking. Aim to pull out specific insights that would inform the features and design of a new note-taking app like the one in this challenge. Analyze your findings and put together some recommendations based on what you've learned.

Extra Credit: Perform five (or more) interviews instead of three.


If you need help with this challenge, check out our hand-picked tutorial recommendations.

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Not sure which tools to use? Try one of these.









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