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Design has entered a new era, and so has the Design Tools Survey. We take a first look at how tools are evolving with the use of AI, which we'll continue to watch year over year. We appreciate our community and their participation this year, as always! The raw data is freely available for download.

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    Responses that make us keep going

    Thank you for providing this service every year!
    Keep it up. This yearly survey is very useful.
    Thanks for doing this survey. I always appreciate the data that comes out of it!
    Thank you for this effort every year!
    Thank you for doing this each year! I reference the results often!
    Thank you for organizing this - always cool to see what the industry is thinking!
    Great survey. Thanks!
    Keep up the great work!
    I love this survey year after year and seeing the results! Great work team!
    Love you for this annual survey <3
    Keep on rockin'