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    We make free tools and resources for the product design community.

    Meet the team

    We're two full-time product designers sharing everything we know.

    Jordan Bowman

    Jordan has been a full-time freelance designer and a startup design-team-of-one. He is now a Senior Product Designer at Moody's.


    Taylor Palmer

    Taylor has helped start, hire, and scale multiple UX design teams from the ground up. He's led design at four consecutive startups.


    Latest Articles

    Read tutorials on topics like interaction design, UX research, and portfolios.

    What the community is saying

    Vitaly Friedman Vitaly Friedman

    "What an incredible resource you've created! Thank you so much for putting together UX Tools! It's absolutely fantastic! Just wanted to send you warm hugs for your quality work 😄."

    Gabriel Enemor Gabriel Enemor

    "I find UX Tools to be very interesting and valuable, I have it pinned on my home screen. I can't help but wonder why I hadn't come across it until recently."

    Ivan Bunčić Ivan Bunčić

    "The amount of awesomeness on the UX Tools website is indescribable in words. A song should be created. Or a movie."

    Chris De Lima Chris De Lima

    "Really enjoying all the quality work you guys have been putting out—from the website, articles and this channel. Feeling lucky since I'm pivoting from frontend dev to product design. Cannot wait for more!"

    Chaithanya Reddy Chaithanya Reddy

    "The value you are providing through your website, newsletter and Instagram is absolutely incredible. I have learnt so much from you guys. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing."

    Cristina Jiménez Moya Cristina Jiménez Moya

    "I'm a UX teacher (and also a product designer!). Thank you for the resources and the content you create 😄!"

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