2020 Design Tools Survey

2020 Design Tools Survey

UX Tools Taylor & Jordan, December 2020

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    Key Insights


    Survey Responses
    • USA

      959 USA

    • France

      190 France

    • Germany

      179 Germany

    • UK

      175 UK

    • Russia

      155 Russia

    • Canada

      139 Canada

    • Israel

      131 Israel

    • Globe

      1,945 Other


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    Key Insights

    Highly rated tools*

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    Each year I like to ask respondents which tools they're most excited to try. It doesn't always predict the future, but occasionally we'll get a glimpse of something on the horizon (for example, Figma was the #1 most exciting tool last year, we saw that play out this year without a doubt). Take a look at what other respondents are looking to try.

    Key Insights

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    Thanks for reading!

    People like you make this survey great! Thanks for participating in the fourth annual UX Tools Design Tools Survey. Hopefully you learned something interesting—or maybe found a new tool to try! If you have any questions, reach out to taylor@uxtools.co.

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