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Survey Survey


You're a product designer for a project management and team collaboration app.

You want to analyze a particular feature of the app that you think new users are having a hard time learning and using. You want to gather some information that will help you set the direction for what to do with more substantial qualitative research like journey maps and usability tests.


Choose a project management and team collaboration company who will be your imaginary employer for this challenge. Examples include monday.com, taskade.com, clickup.com, basecamp.com, getflow.com, and asana.com.

Select a specific feature from your chosen app that you think a new customer could find confusing or difficult to use. This could be something like team task management, project timelines, how the app is generally structured, team communication, or how the mobile app is designed.

Create a survey that will allow you to analyze this feature of the app from the perspective of new users and find potential problems. Write the survey questions, perform the survey, and create a report of your findings.

Extra Credit: Record the reasoning behind your decisions for each question, how long the survey was, why you picked the tool you used, and how many people you surveyed.


If you need help with this challenge, check out our hand-picked tutorial recommendations.

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Not sure which tools to use? Try one of these.

Google Forms




OptionalWorkshop Questions




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