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Card Sorting

Card Sorting Card Sorting


You work at an agency that was recently hired to improve the design of an e-commerce site that has deals on outdoor gear (competitors are The Clymb, GearScan, Steep & Cheap).

The client is getting lots of complaints from customers that they can't find what they're looking for on the site. Through some research and testing, your team has discovered that this is likely because the content is organized based on the company's goals and understanding, instead of what makes sense to users. So you decide to start from scratch and reorganize the site.


Gather a list of pages or types of content that an outdoor gear website would have (refer to the competitors above for ideas). Perform a card sort with 5 to 10 real people using this list. Create a report of your findings for your team to use as they build a new information architecture for the site.

Extra Credit: Debrief each participant at the end of their card sort to get them to explain their rationale. You could also perform the card sort with more people (15 or more).


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Not sure which tools to use? Try one of these.







Pen and Paper


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