2022 Design Tools Survey
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We're excited to share the results of the Design Tools Survey for the sixth time! This year we can understand the industry more deeply as we ask new questions about remote work, leadership, and research. We also added two new categories: advanced prototyping and portfolio builders. We hope you find it educational and valuable. As always, the raw data is freely available to download.

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    Responses that make us keep going

    This survey keeps getting better and better. Congratulations and keep it up!
    Love this survey! I find it super useful and informative.
    This is getting better and better! Thank you for providing interesting insights about our domain!
    You folks rock
    Thanks for doing this! Always fun to see the results
    Love what you guys do!
    Thanks for making this! My team and I are always looking forward to the latest trends in tooling adoption when you release the results. :)
    This is a wonderful survey and always look forward to the results.
    Thanks for putting it together! Great to document use of tools in the industry.
    Love love love love this survey every year
    Thanks for doing this amazing data collection!