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You're a UX designer for an online residential real estate company. The website you work on helps renters and buyers find homes, explore neighborhoods, contact agents, and so on (competitors are Zillow and Trulia).

This is a young company and you are the first design hire. They have never done user research before. You need to get your bearings and understand the users better. You decide to perform some initial research on the different types of users the website has, and then present these findings to your teammates.


Good personas are built off of research, not assumptions. Perform some research with real people who are currently looking (or have looked in the past) for a new home to buy or rent. This can include things like user interviews, diary studies, or surveys.

See what personas emerge out of your research (one simple example would be a person who is trying to find an apartment to rent). Pick one and put together a user persona for that type of user using the findings from your research.

Extra Credit: Create a second persona for another different type of user.


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