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What order should I do these in?

These don't have to completed in the order they're shown. We suggest starting with whatever specific skill you need to practice the most.

What if I don't know how to do one of the challenges?

We pored over hundreds of pieces of content online and hand-picked 3 articles and 1 video for each challenge. These are what's in the "Tutorials" section. You can use these references to learn how to do the skill in the challenge. We only included references that were well-made and that focused on how to do this skill.

Which tools should I use?

We regularly use (or have at least tried) every one of the recommendations in the "Tools" section. We know there are tons of options out there. The goal was to respond to, "Just tell me what to use" because people who don't want that probably already know what they want to use anyway.

How did you write the scenario and task?

The scenario is specifically designed to be something you'd run into in real life as a UX designer. These are not fake redesigns or philosophical save-the-world whiteboard challenges. They're real-world situations and assignments.

The task is focused on one specific UX skill so you can train that skill. This skill is the name on the card. The extra credit is there for over-achievers or people who want more practice.