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Design System

Design System Design System


You work at an agency that was hired by a recipes company (competitors are Allrecipes and Yummly) to redesign their website.

One of the main tasks is to build out a new design system and you've been put in charge of starting that process.


Design specific elements (below) of a style guide for this fictional recipes website using your favorite design tool (using your tool's design system features) or HTML/CSS. Make sure all elements are responsive. Document and organize the design system and include a summary at the beginning with the overall goals.


  • Colors
  • Typography (headings, body, links)
  • Forms (text input, buttons, checkboxes, radios)
  • Icons
  • Grid
  • Recipe card

Extra Credit: Design more elements for the style guide, or add variants of the elements you've already created. Make a few mockups using the design system in practice to show how it all works together.


If you need help with this challenge, check out our hand-picked tutorial recommendations.

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Starting a Design System in a Start-up

Design Systems Handbook

Design Systems: What are They and How to Get Started


Not sure which tools to use? Try one of these.




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