What your relatives actually think when you say “UX Designer”

With Christmas fast approaching you will be participating in an inordinate amount of get-to-know-you chatter with extended family. You will inevitably be asked what you do for work, and you better be ready to explain yourself when you say, “I’m a UX designer.”

Here are a few tried and tested scenarios to help you get through the holiday.

1. Tech Support

This one shouldn’t surprise you, and you should be flattered! In her eyes you’re the smartest person on the planet! Just imagine if everyone at work thought you were as smart as she does 🤔. Enjoy it!

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2. The Starving Artist

Uncle Jim might not be aware that “designer” isn’t synonymous with “artist.” Either way, he probably has your best interest at heart, right? Let him get back to spreadsheets and ledgers and you can continue doing your hobby as a full-time job.

3. The Fine Artist

If you’re a visual designer, you and your cousin might have a lot to talk about! Doesn’t mean that grandpa has the slightest clue what you do for your day job, though.

4. The Volunteer Freelancer

At this point of the conversation, it’s time to look for an exit. Hide under the table if you must. Think of the difficulty you have getting your ideas approved at work. You want to do that with your extended family who you don’t even like? Better avoid the words “app” and “website” next time.

5. The Mistaken Developer

If you’re a designer that codes then he’s got a good point. Carry on. Otherwise, he’s probably imagining you pounding away at hackertyper.net and sucking down Mountain Dew. Do with that what you will.

6. The Silicon Valley Hotshot

Apparently everyone in tech is expected to be an entrepreneur. If that’s you, this is your chance! Wow them with your disruptive innovation! Your only other choice to sheepishly shy away with a, “Oh, I dunno about that…”

7. Almost But Not Quite

Hey, “A” for effort, right? He recognized the acronym and jumped on the buzzword bandwagon. You can either seize the moment and recruit him to the light side, or leave him to continue in ignorance. The choice is yours.